Reasons To Love Switzerland
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11 Reasons To Love Switzerland

The fact that it is drop dead gorgeous is reason enough to love Switzerland. However, there are plenty more facts supporting the belief that Switzerland is one of Europe’s best destinations. Sometimes it gets a bad rap for being too perfect, but when you scratch the surface, meet the people and immerse yourself in the culture, there is nothing sterile about it.


One small country, many cultures
Love Switzerland


Although this landlocked nation only has 41,285km2 to its name, it packs a cultural punch. There is the German part, French part and Italian part; and within each of these regions there are vastly different dialects, foods and traditions. All these cultures and languages make for some interesting quirks: every sign and label is in at least three languages, and hopping on a train where everyone speaks German and ending up speaking French without changing countries.



Love Switzerland


There is no mystery surrounding why the national emoji for Switzerland is cheese. Cheese is on everything and it is mouth-watering. If you are a cheese-lover then this is (without question) the country for you, and if you’re not such a fan… well, sorry. Raclette and sumptuous fondue… what more could you ask for? Seriously, if you are ever in a Swiss supermarket you should check out the size of the cheese aisle, it’ll blow your mind.


Transport always runs on time

Love Switzerland


“Swiss precision” is an expression most people have heard before, and unlike many expressions, it is entirely true. Nothing displays Swiss precision more than the public transport. Stations are decked out with Mondaine clocks which all display the time in perfect unison, and trains arrive exactly when they are supposed to – it really is something to marvel at. Plus the SBB app is one of the best transport apps I’ve seen!


Feeling small

Love Switzerland


Biggest peaks in Europe? Tick. Switzerland has the towering Alps, so if you ever wanted a glorious reminder about perspective then this is your place.


It is super safe

Love Switzerland


Switzerland is considered to be one of the world’s safest countries to travel around, so that is always a big plus (just like the flag; I’m sorry).


It is perfect in any season

Love Switzerland


This is a versatile place to visit and is worth exploring at any time of the year. Summers can be spent lakeside enjoying lush green grass and sunshine, and winters can be spent hitting the slopes. There are plenty of hikes and sights which are accessible all year round.


Tradition is still alive and well

Love Switzerland


Tradition is a big deal in Switzerland. This country has perfected the balance of modernity and history. Before you go to Switzerland you should do some research and try to catch some of these live in action. Whether it is the Landsgemeinde or Funkenstonntag, there are many customs to experience.


Hiking trails everywhere

Love Switzerland


Walking and hiking is well appreciated in Switzerland and there are trails everywhere. Whether you’re looking for a gentle stroll or a serious hike, you are spoiled for choice here.


Beautiful cities

Love Switzerland

The beautiful city of Bern


Whether you’re wandering around Geneva, Luzern, Zürich, or Bern, you will be mesmerised by the beautiful architecture and sense of history. Having survived the wars, most of Swiss architecture remains intact and is splendid to see. With strict development laws in the cities (as well as towns and the countryside) many buildings maintain a sense of similarity and unison which creates a wonderful atmosphere.


Great location in Europe

Switzerland is located in the epicentre of Europe and is a great place to base yourself. It is simple to catch buses, planes and trains to nearby European countries – you can even hike or ski into Switzerland’s neighbours! There is no denying that Switzerland has the perfect geographical position in Europe.


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    This country is beautiful by his people and his nature by his lakes it like by his environement it governement by his cities it is .

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    Switzerland is my one of the favorite place. Thanks for sharing this blog with us

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