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Hey there, I'm Lucy and I'm a 21-year-old medical student from Australia. First of all, welcome to Travel Textbook! I'm not sure how you found me out there in the big wide world of clickbait and generic travel articles, but I'm super glad you did.

Welcome to my world. It may be a little different to some of the other travel blogs floating around. I am not a career travel blogger and I certainly have not given up my every-day life to travel (as much as I want to sometimes). Instead I am trying to focus balancing my medical degree with my crazy passion to see the world.


About Me


On Travel Textbook I want to take you guys on the wildest ride. My imagination for travel is limitless and those who know me know that I am always coming up with ridiculous plans. No destination is too obscure, and no adventure too big.


I am here to inspire other students through my journey as a young person pursuing a life of education and travel. I want to continue to push the envelope of what is possible. Young people don't have to choose between a career and adventure. With a bit of hustle and passion it is possible.


About Me


There is so much more to travel than photo ops, Instagram and drinking too much. Travel is endless learning -- cultures, flavours, history and people. When I write for you guys, I want to convey how multidimensional each place is. I want to make you feel like getting up, hopping on a plane and jumping into an exciting adventure.


Without a formal background in communications, photography, media or travel writing (could medicine be anything more different), I am continuously learning as I go along. As a young person I am still finding my style, my niche and trying to up-skill. This blog is a manifestation of this, and you will see the changes as I continue to grow and evolve.


About Me


We only get one crack at life, so why not live it to the fullest? For me I want to get my medical degree, get out there and help those in need. But I also want to experience the world as I'm going along.


After leaving high school in 2013 I took a gap year which saw me travel throughout Europe and North America, and work in Morocco. It was all under my own steam and it was a slow, experience-embracing travel style which I loved. On this trip I completely fell in love with nomadism and wanted to keep incorporating it into my life.


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In 2014 I commenced studying medicine at Monash University in Melbourne. And heck, it can be a lot of work. Medicine so far has been gruelling but rewarding. You learn about the differences between people, but the phenomenal similarities we all share. A lesson which is also learned best with travel.


At the end of 2014 I headed off to Sri Lanka, India, Nepal and South East Asia for some serious culture shock before settling into the notoriously difficult second year of medicine. And after passing my exams with flying colours passing second year I was back off to Europe to explore Switzerland, Scandinavia and more of the United Kingdom.


Overall this insane desire to see the world has taken me to 55 countries over 5 continents, and I would love (if I can somehow fund it) to see 100 before I'm 25.


Now I am in third year on hospital placements. This means longer hours and way shorter holiday breaks. So, who knows what's next? But I know it'll be exciting and you can follow it all on Travel Textbook.


About Me


Hopefully there is something here that helps you garner a passion for exploration. Whether you're young or old, in university or not, there is always time to chase your dreams. If you want something bad enough there are ways to go out and get it. I really hope that here at Travel Textbook I can show that despite a tight student budget and gruelling degree, a life of adventure and passion is possible.


So come and join me! I will share the honest struggles, the hilarious truths, and the travel advice you will want to know before hitting the road.


Lucy x 


Third Year Medical Student

55 Countries Explored

Founder of Travel Textbook


Indian Subcontinent



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