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Hey there, I’m Lucy and I’m the final year student doctor with a passion for exploring the world. Before we get started, welcome to Travel Textbook! I’m not sure how you found me out there in the big wide world of modern-day travel blogging, but I’m super glad you did.

It’s exciting to have you here at Travel Textbook, and if it’s your first time, this is a great place to start. Travel Textbook may be a little different to some of the other travel blogs floating around. I am not a career travel blogger and I certainly have not given up my every-day life to travel (although there are definitely days when I want to). So if you’re looking for a travel blogger with a new colourful flowing dress per day and endless beaches, this may not be the right URL. Instead I’m focusing on balancing my medical degree with this crazy passion to see the world. On Travel Textbook, I want to show all the ways it is possible to travel whilst at university or in the early stages of a not-so-mobile career. Although, if someone finds a way to be a full-time travelling ObGyn though, can you let me know? I might know somebody interested.

On Travel Textbook I want to take you guys on the wildest ride. Those who know me are well-versed in my ridiculous plans and travel ideas. No destination is too obscure, and no adventure too big. Whether it’s completely solo, with family, or with my ever-patient partner, adventure is never far behind.

So, why put everything on the internet?

Well, to be honest, it started off as a way to take my mind of studying. Procrasti-blogging is real. But then it became a passion and as I learned the ropes, the posts became more frequent and fun to produce. Eventually, I started getting messages from people who had loved a recommendation or taken up some advice and it was the most rewarding feeling in the world.

I want to inspire other students through my journey as a young person pursuing a life of education and travel, and show that we don’t have to choose career or adventure. I want to continue to push the envelope of what is possible. With a bit of hustle and passion it can work.

There is so much more to travel than photo ops, Instagram and big nights out. And our generation seems to have a bad rep for these things. But not all young people see travel in this way. Travel is endless learning — cultures, flavours, history and people. When I write for you guys, I want to convey how multidimensional each place is. I want to make you feel like getting up, hopping on a plane and jumping into an exciting adventure. And yeah, sometimes it will involve corny photography and a bar or two, but it’ll also delve into the deeper stuff.

Without a formal background in communications, photography, media or travel writing (could medicine be anything more different), I am continuously learning as I go along. As a young person I am still finding myself let alone my creative style, niche and trying to up-skill. This blog is a manifestation of this, and you will see the changes as I continue to grow and evolve.

We only get one crack at life, so why not live it to the fullest? For me I want to get my medical degree, get out there and make a difference in my community. But I also want to experience as much of the world as I’m going along.




1996 Born (who would’ve thought?)

1996 – 2013 School and family trips

2014 Year of travel in Europe, North America and North Africa

2015 Started MBBS in Melbourne, Australia

2015 – 2016 Summer South East Asia and Indian Subcontinent

2016 Hawa’ii, Europe (Switzerland, UK, Scandinavia)

2017 South Korea with AMSC, India with 40K Globe

2018 Japan, Malaysia with AMSC, Philippines, New Zealand

2019 UK for medical elective (France, Italy, Portugal)


The year of travel after finishing high school was what kicked off my desire to always have travel as a part of my life. That year was the epitome of slow travel and experiencing each destination to its fullest. It was easier to incorporate travel during the early years of university (who knew uni students got so many holidays?), but as clinical years set in and holidays shrunk, it has been getting trickier. Who knows what next year as a junior doctor will bring? Hopefully a not so terrible bank account and diet of ramen noodles, but probably a more sketchy work-life-travel balance. We’ll see.


Anyway, sorry for rambling. Hopefully there is something here that helps you garner a passion for exploration. Whether you’re young or old, in university or not, there is always time to chase your travel dreams. If you want something bad enough there are ways to go out and get it, and that is true for travel as well. I really hope that here at Travel Textbook I can show you destinations that inspire, stories that make you laugh, and not too many moments that make you wish I stuck to medicine.


So come and join along in whatever way you like! I will share the honest struggles, the hilarious truths, and the travel advice you will want to know before hitting the road.


Lucy x

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