Get Ready For Kuality Adventure: AMSC 2018

Firstly I’m going to start this one off with a massive sorry for the complete lack of blogging over the past few months. Although I am not a fan of excuses I’ll give you some anyway:


1) My placements and 4th year life have been super busy so far but I have ~finally~ found a medical speciality I am loving (cue simultaneous happy dance and sigh of relief because it only took four years)

2) The internet in my share house this year doesn’t seem to like going through the walls, so uploading to or saving anything onto WordPress is a living nightmare… and I currently have to make all blog posts from my phone which is not ideal! [icon color=”#b0a1fc” icon=”icon-sad” size=”14px”]


But now, what you’re all here for: the announcement! A few weeks ago I was happily accepted into the wonderful Scientific Poster Team for the Australian delegation to AMSC 2018, and eventually my conference leave from uni was approved. From there it was time to navigate the constantly timing-out AirAsia website, pay a million hidden fees and charges, and press purchase on some sketchy flights. And after all that, I can finally say…


 I’m going to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia! 



On the 5th of July I am lucky enough to be jumping over to Malaysia for the 39th Annual Asian Medical Students’ Conference on the topic of Infection Control. Hundreds of other medical students from around the Asia-Pacific Region and the world will be coming together to present their research, make new friends, learn about healthcare in each others’ countries and, of course, explore Malaysia.


AMSC itself is held in Kuala Lumpur and there is plenty of time scheduled for exploring the city and surrounds, including the Petronas Towers, Batu Caves, Putrajaya, and Malacca. I’ll be heading over a couple of days earlier to settle in and hopefully head north towards Taman Negara National Park. Having heard and seen great things from this dense and historical rainforest, it sounds like the perfect juxtaposition to bustling KL and a good place to kick off the trip.


Unfortunately, as the Conference is during semester time, there won’t be time left over to explore any other parts of Malaysia but it will give me a great taste of the country and, I’m assuming, a thirst to come back ASAP.


AMSC 2018

The AMSC last year was held in Seoul, South Korea and alongside the social and academic program, there was plenty of time to explore the city


You might remember last year that the conference was held in Seoul, South Korea, and, basically, I had a blast. Although the conference was exhausting, it was the most epic learning experience. The week provides a crash course in presenting research, working in teams, and learning about other cultures. Plus there was always tasty food to eat and amazing new friends to be made, which is a combination made in Heaven.


If you can’t already tell, I’m absolutely buzzing to get back to another AMSC and represent Australia and my University. The thought of exploring Malaysia and learning first-hand about all the wonderful things I’ve heard is motivating me through these last weeks of semester.



Have you been to Malaysia? Let me know everything you can below!





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