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After the success of Best Travel Blogs To Follow In 2016 I have decided to compile a new list for the new year. With thousands of travel blogs it can be hard to know which ones to follow. But never fear, I have done the research for you and have discovered the hottest travel blogs that you must follow in 2017. Some have remained the same (because they’re totally awesome) and there are some new additions as well.


From the bustling streets of Tokyo to the dunes of Namibia, from the life-changing festivals of India to the pristine beaches of Australia, these blogs really do cover it all. The Best Travel Blogs 2017 list contains a unique spread of all sorts of travellers and styles to fuel your wanderlust. So don’t forget to check them out and subscribe to their adventures!


Travel Textbook 

Best Travel Blogs 2017



Well, whilst you’re here why don’t you follow along with my adventures at Travel Textbook! I am a 20 year old medical student from Australia on a mission to see the world. 2016 was definitely a hectic year for me as I visited 14 countries, caught over 50 flights and managed to finish second year medicine.


2017 will see me begin my training in hospitals and (hopefully) visit many new and exciting locations. I am currently planning on exploring places that will challenge me further as I continue developing my skills as a newly solo traveller. Hopefully destinations like Tanzania, Cuba and Indonesia are on the cards for 2017.


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I Am Aileen

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Aileen is a real sweetheart and always seems to be exploring a new exotic location which she writes about on I Am Aileen. Whether she’s exploring Japan, flying helicopters over the New York City or sailing in Croatia, there is always a new adventure on the horizon. I will be following Aileen in 2017 to hear about all of her exciting locations but also enjoy incredible photography. Her blog is well designed, good looking and easy to find information on. If you want great quality travel information on a range of experiences, Aileen is your girl!

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 One Step 4Ward

Best travel blogs 2017

Johnny Ward is serious #travelgoals and I love keeping up with his adventures. Not only has Johnny visited almost every country in the world but he is also a hugely successful travel blogger at One Step 4Ward. He has been to 194/197 countries and only has Norway, Yemen and Saudi Arabia to go! He has a thirst for adventure and I love travellers that are not scared to visit more unconventional destinations. I cannot wait to see if Johnny completes his mission to visit every country in the world in 2017.

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Anna Everywhere

Travel Blogs 2017


Travel blogger extraordinaire Anna is definitely everywhere so the name is apt! Anna has been so many far corners of the earth and writes about the experiences on Anna Everywhere. With remarkable photography and a great writing style, I really enjoy reading about Anna’s adventures. Not only does Anna write about various destinations and experiences but also about other topics such as travelling with chronic disease, studying abroad and how to run a successful travel blog. I can’t wait to follow her blog in 2017 and see all the fabulous places she visits!


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 Faraway Lucy

Best travel blogs 2017



Reading Lucy’s blog was a little bit like looking in a mirror – so if you’re into Travel Textbook then this is another great blog for you to follow! Lucy is also a 20-year-old student with a passion for adventure and her blog has loads of wonderful information on various travel destinations. The layout of the Faraway Lucy is beautiful and easy to follow. I can’t wait to see what she gets up to in 2017!


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The Common Wanderer


Mark and Mim are currently in London but their adventurous spirits seem to take them everywhere! 2016 was an amazing year for The Common Wanderer as they wandered through Asia, Europe and Africa. Although they always seem to be on the road, they also manage to successfully develop their blog and Instagram. With splendid photography and ready to tackle any adventure, these two are ones to watch in 2017.


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 The Blonde Abroad

travel blogs 2017

I must admit that I only recently discovered Kiersten’s blog The Blonde Abroad and I have been hooked ever since. Kiersten swapped the corporate life for pursuing her dreams of travel writing and exploring the world. Kiersten has managed to visit over 50 countries and has developed a hugely successful blog. She has fantastic guides to many destinations as well as captivating blogs on general travel advice. Her photography is also amazing and makes me want to hop on a plane instantly and fly to wherever she is! I will definitely be following her into 2017 and cannot wait to see where adventure takes her.

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LeBruns On The Run

Best Travel Blogs 2017


I found these guys on Instagram and have been following their adventures ever since on LeBruns On The Run. Andrew and Lauren are newlyweds and have taken the plunge and started a life of adventure. They quit their jobs and left to pursue a worldwide backpacking trip (and who can blame them!?). They’re new on the blogging scene but are making waves. They plan to be travelling the world for 12 months and have a load of amazing destinations on the agenda – I cannot wait to see what they end up doing in 2017.


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Best Travel Blogs 2017


Alesha and Jarryd have been travelling as a couple since 2008 so they are total pros. Their blog NOMADasaurus chronicles their inspiring adventures around the world. These fellow Australians have definitely been bitten by the travel bug and they seem to have been everywhere since! With incredible travel photography, an enviable travel writing style, and new adventures always on the horizon, I will definitely be following NOMADasaurus in 2017.


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Bunch of Backpackers

Best Travel Blogs 2017


I began following Manouk and her blog Bunch of Backpackers in 2016 and have not stopped being inspired since. Manouk is basically my life goals – medical doctor, lover of adventure and a fabulous writer, so I am obviously going to be watching her adventures into 2017. This year Manouk adventured through Africa and the Silk Road, and the tales she tells from these adventures are incredible.


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Flying The Nest

Best Travel Blogs 2017


Stephen and Jess are a young Aussie couple running the travel blog Flying The Nest. They have given up their lives at home to pursue a life of adventure — and they have done just that! These guys have put their feet down in some wonderful destinations and have the writing skills and photography to make me want to jump on the next plane. Not only do Stephen and Jess travel to new places but they also seem to explore other methods of global exploration such as volunteering and living abroad. You should follow Flying The Nest in 2017 to see all of their upcoming adventures and drool over their wonderful photos.


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Best Travel Blogs 2017

Once you start following Eric’s adventures around the world, it is hard to stop. He has been travelling since March 2014 after quitting his job and has been adventuring ever since. And when I say adventuring, I really mean it! He has touched almost every corner of the globe and has had incredible experiences. Eric has admirable travel and blogging aspirations; he’s not there to make money but to share his travel journeys and life lessons. I would strongly recommend following Eric and TravelTall in 2017 because he offers a great travel perspective.


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Do you own a travel blog or have a favourite one to follow? Think I missed someone? Comment below to let me know!



Lucy Owens Travel Textbook


My name’s Lucy and I’m the junior doctor and travel writer behind the blog. If you’re a fan of scratching beneath the surface of travel, visiting interesting destinations, and exploring ethically, then you’re in the right place. Focusing on purposeful budget and solo travel, Travel Textbook hopes to inspire more young people to seek meaningful adventure.


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    1. Travel Textbook - Lucy

      Glad you enjoyed the list! Your blog is gorgeous and I hope you have an awesome year 🙂

    1. Travel Textbook - Lucy

      There were definitely enough amazing submissions to warrant a part 2! But you may have to hang out until 2018 😛

    1. Travel Textbook - Lucy

      All good – there are just so many out there it’s difficult to narrow it down ?

    1. Travel Textbook - Lucy

      Thanks guys, and you too ☺️ Yep, feeling positive about this year and I’m sure there will be plenty of adventures for all of us ?

    1. Travel Textbook - Lucy

      Glad you enjoyed it ? There are plenty of blogs in the sea though – so difficult to pick just a handful!

  1. Awesome list and love your blog ❤✌❤
    I am just starting out in this travel blogging world – writing has always been my passion and I’m an expat for life. Anywhoooo, perhaps maybe next year thetravelingpixie can be apart of this.

    You are fabulous! Keep up the hard work (how on Earth do you find the time to be 20 and a med student and travel the world! Defs a super woman!).

    1. Thanks Lisa – there are just so many blogs out there to choose from 🙂 Glad you found some new ones!

      The Wandering Lens is such a gorgeous blog too, you share such fantastic advice.

      Lucy x

    1. Hi Mark,

      Just checked out your blog and it is lovely! You and Kirsten do a fantastic job ☺️ I noticed you have been to Hobart (which is where I’m from) — hope you liked it!

      Will definitely consider you guys for next year,

      Lucy x

      1. Hi Lucy,

        We love Hobart, especially MONA and we pop down when we can.

        Thanks for the consideration.

        Mark and Kirsten

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    Your earlier list of blogs was very nice and your this list is also very decent. I hope that you get much prominence through this list. My well wishes with you.

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