Asia Safety: How to Keep Yourself Safe When Travelling in Asia
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  – GUEST POST –    Asia is a phenomenal place to explore and is bursting with wonderful travel experiences. … Read More

Myanmar Money: What’s The Deal?
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MYANMAR MONEY: RECENTLY UPDATED 2017    Myanmar (formally called Burma) has only been open to tourists since the early 90s, … Read More

How To Legally Stay Longer In Europe: The Schengen Zone
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  For those of us not blessed with European passports (eternal sad face), the Schengen Area, or Schengen Zone, puts … Read More

Over-Touristed and Over It: An Opinion On Mass Tourism
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Tourism has hit an all-time high and is reaching critical mass. Attractions, cities, and even countries, are putting their feet … Read More

Why Travel Is More Important Now Than Ever Before
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It is hard to shake the feeling that our little blue planet is entering a turbulent phase.   Hate speech … Read More

2017 Travel Destinations: 17 Locations To Fuel Your #Wanderlust
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How is it a new year already? I’m not sure, but what I do know is it is time to … Read More

Hostel Etiquette: How To Not Annoy Your Roommates
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For student travellers, staying in hostels is a reality. Hostels can be a rewarding experience or they can be a … Read More

How To Organise Travel Expenses As A Couple: A No Fuss Guide
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Money is the main reason that couples fight and being overseas together can make you discover new things about your … Read More

Click Frenzy Travel Flash Sale Tonight!
| | is offering Australians some awesome once-in-a-lifetime travel deals tonight (18 October 2016) beginning 7PM AEST. The flash sale will … Read More

10 Cheap Travel Destinations For Uni Students
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So, you’re a university student on a budget but still have a thirst for adventure? Well, you’ve come to the … Read More

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