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10 Cheap Travel Destinations For Uni Students

So, you’re a university student on a budget but still have a thirst for adventure? Well, you’ve come to the right place. As a student myself, I love to find cheap travel destinations where every dollar will go further. Nothing satisfies me more than being able to afford food, plane tickets and living the university lifestyle at the same time. As you study a degree it is best to not blow all your money on travel (as tempting as it may be) so it is important to choose destinations which make financial sense to visit. Not only are all the following destinations amazing value, they are full of epic adventures.


So here is the list of cheap travel locations I have travelled to as a student and thought were frickin’ awesome value. It’s not exhaustive (there is still a whole heap of places I need to check out around the world), but they are all countries I 100% recommend to other students.



1. Cambodia 



This popular student destination can be explored very cheaply. With awesome history, food and people, it is incredible value for money. And there is so much more to Cambodia than just Angkor Wat, so getting off the beaten path is a necessity. The Cambodian islands and plenty of inland destinations are EVEN CHEAPER than Phnom Penh and Siem Reap (score!).





2. Sri Lanka

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Sri Lanka is often overlooked as a travel destination by uni students but this country is so awesome (seriously!). This tiny island nation is home to some very varied scenery and activities. From the rolling hills and tea plantations of the Hill Country, to the awesome surf beaches, all the way to the inland temples. And best of all, it is crazy cheap! You can pick up amazing food for less than $3 a meal, epic scenic train adventures will set you back less than $10 and hostels will not break the bank. Flights are also pretty cheap, so keep your eye on Travel Textbook’s favourite flight checker sites for good deals.




3. Indonesia

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Now I must admit, I haven’t actually visited Indonesia personally but there are certainly reasons why Aussie students flock there. With cheap prices and hugely varied experiences, Indonesia is the perfect place to chill out during uni breaks. There is a lot more to Indonesia than Bali, so make sure you get out and explore the other regions. Flights to Indonesia from Australia are SO cheap and once you get there prices are low, so sometimes it works out to be cheaper than actually staying home!


Beginner’s Guide To Bali: Exploring Bali, Indonesia

I also love Nomadic Matt’s blog on Indonesia here




4. India



Well, wow. Where do you even start with India? This is one crazy country which is also crazy cheap. No matter where you are in India you can find an epic deal. Flights are reasonable from Australia and once you arrive the living costs are incredibly low. In India, I was getting by on ~$17AUD a day and this was pretty luxurious stuff for a backpacker.



5. Nepal

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Where in the world can you get the world’s best scenery* for the cheapest prices? NEPAL! The towering mountains, incredible food and loving people make Nepal an epic student travel destination. Flights often go on sale to Kathmandu and the value is impeccable when you get there. Why spend thousands in the Swiss Alps when you can have all this for a fraction of the price?


* In my opinion, but oh my



6. Montenegro

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We all know how damn expensive Europe can be so it is a nice relief to find cheap travel destinations along the way. For me, Montenegro was one of these gems. Easily one of the most beautiful European destinations, it is also cheap (hooray). It was around $32AUD a day to explore Montenegro (accommodation, transport, food, etc.). There are some epic hostels and the atmosphere is impeccable. Get your ass to Montenegro if you’re looking for epicness.



7. Morocco



Spending two months in Morocco made me realise how truly cheap it can be to travel here. This is another country where I was spending around $17AUD a day and having an absolute blast. With cool cities, epic scenery and amazing food, Morocco is a cheap travel destination that will give you a whole heap of bang for your buck. Flights to Morocco are very cheap from Europe and it can offer a cool break from the Western world.




8. Albania

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Albania is another cheap European country that relieves the bank account. A very interesting place to visit and also very affordable, Albania should be on every euro-tripping uni student’s bucket list.




9. Vietnam

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This shouldn’t as much of a surprise to us uni students, seeing as we all seem to be flocking to ‘Nam. The scenery here is incredible and the prices are even more jaw-dropping. Getting around Vietnam is very affordable and the food is SO good (words cannot do it justice). When Pho costs you less than a dollar, you know you are in a heavenly country. Flights to Vietnam are constantly on sale from Australia so you really have no excuse.



10. Myanmar


Recently opening up to tourism, it’s a good idea to get to Myanmar now while it is still cheap! I heard rumours that travel in Myanmar was expensive, but once I arrived, I quickly learned that wasn’t true. Perhaps tours cost a lot, but if you travel on local transport and eat the local food, it is easily one of the cheapest places in Asia. With full meals costing less than $2 in a restaurant and the monuments/activities being really cheap – there is no reason not to visit Myanmar! Flights from other Asian “hub” cities (like Bangkok, etc.) are incredibly affordable.


Which countries do you think are good value? Let me know in the comments 


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