Australia + New Zealand

aus and nz

“Australia is about as far away as you can get – and I like that” – Andre Benjamin


Okay, I am probably a little biased because Australia is my beautiful home country – but it is amazing (seriously)! Vast modern cities, endless stretches of coast, untouched beaches, monumental deserts and the friendliest people. Although Australia is one country, the distances travelled, and variety of landscapes and subcultures will show, will quickly remind you that it’s also an entire continent.


Having recently returned from my first time in New Zealand, I am also a kiwi convert now. With dramatic landscapes and pristine national parks, it is a country that is very easy to fall in love with. Grabbing a rental car and zooming through mountains, past glaciers, and taking dips in icy-cold clear lakes, was the getaway from hectic city life I craved and a stark reminder of the beauty of the natural world.


Both are relatively expensive countries to travel in but the experiences gained are priceless. With a relatively small population stretched over a huge landmass, you can feel as though you have Australia and parts of NZ all to yourself. From the tropical north of Queensland, to the cold sea cliffs of Tasmania, to the glaciers of New Zealand’s South Island, the scale of these nations will blow you away.





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