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Looking for the best food near Monash Clayton campus? Well, it can be tough to find but it is definitely possible. With the recent construction on campus there are now some great options actually at Monash, but for pre-construction students like myself, we had to look elsewhere. Over these formative food-craving years I have eaten and sipped lattes at Clayton’s finest. Here is the final list of good food near Monash Clayton.

For the home bodies…

If you are perfectly satisfied exploring the selection of food and caffeine on campus then here is the list for you. Here are some of the iconic locations for a feed at Monash Clayton campus. Campus Centre now boasts extended opening hours which can be found here.

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food near monash clayton

Grafali’s Coffee Roasters is newly refurbished and is a great value. Whether you are after a toastie, focaccia, or a sweet treat, there are plenty of food options here. The staff are friendly and the food/drinks get made efficiently. Don’t forget to check out the witty tip jar which changes frequently.

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Neptune’s Seafood Catch

Neptune’s is an icon of Monash. It is your everyday fish and chip shop and it is bloody good. Whether you’re nursing a sore head from the night before, or just want to enjoy some well-battered seafood because why not, then you must check out Neptune’s. Every Monash student must do it at least once, it’s a rite of passage. Seriously.



food near monash clayton


Supernatural is a new addition to Monash Clayton campus and features healthy foods, smoothies, juices, and coffee. If you want to treat yourself (and not feel guilty about it) then this is your one stop food shop.

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St Ali Church of Secular Coffee

food near monash clayton


Although it is on the expensive end of things, St Ali Church of Secular Coffee is a great place to hang out and enjoy a good coffee on campus. With a satisfying menu, impressive sweet treats, fresh juices and excellent coffee, this is a place you must visit.



South Society Café, Mount Waverley

Food near monash clayton


South Society is a vibrant café with good quality food. Boasting good coffee and an extensive brunch/lunch menu, this is one location you need to try during your time at Monash. The maple-glazed bacon and smashed avocado is definitely not basic here.


[icon icon=”icon-location” size=”14px”] South Society, 435 Blackburn Road, Mount Waverley, 3149 | [icon icon=”icon-phone” size=”14px”] (03) 9887-9877 | [icon icon=”icon-stopwatch” size=”14px”] Mon-Fri 7-late, Sat 8-late, Sun 8-4 | [icon icon=”icon-mouse” size=”14px”] South Society Website



Oasis Bakery, Murrumbeena

food near monash clayton


Incredible Middle Eastern food only minutes from campus? No, this is not a drill. Oasis Bakery is only a short drive down North Road and is teeming with delicious food. Whether you’re after breakfast, brunch, or lunch, Oasis has something for you. It is accompanied by a well-stocked Middle Eastern supermarket if you want to grab something to go. The prices here are reasonable and the portions are very generous.


[icon icon=”icon-location” size=”14px”] 9/993 North Road, Murrumbeena VIC 3163 | [icon icon=”icon-phone” size=”14px”] +613 9570 1122 | [icon icon=”icon-stopwatch” size=”14px”] Sat-Wed 8-7, Thu-Fri 8-9 | [icon icon=”icon-mouse” size=”14px”] Oasis Bakery Website


Temperance Society, Hughesdale

food near monash clayton


Want a good brunch near campus? Check out Temperance Society in Hughesdale. Their colourful, well thought out meals will put a touch of happiness into your day of lectures and tutorials.


[icon icon=”icon-location” size=”14px”] 127 Kangaroo Road, Hughesdale & Murrumbeena, Melbourne 3166 | [icon icon=”icon-phone” size=”14px”] (03) 9568 2500 | [icon icon=”icon-stopwatch” size=”14px”] 7am-4pm, kitchen closes 3:30


Cote Terra, Oakleigh

food near monash clayton


Cote Terra is a good value café serving up delectable brunches and lunches in Oakleigh. Whether you’re after quality espresso, fresh burgers, or an afternoon knock-off beer, Cote Terra is the perfect place for you.


[icon icon=”icon-location” size=”14px”] 17 Station Street, Oakleigh | [icon icon=”icon-phone” size=”14px”] (03) 9939 6805 | [icon icon=”icon-stopwatch” size=”14px”] Mon-Fri 7-4, Sat-Sun 8-4 | [icon icon=”icon-mouse” size=”14px”] Cote Terra Website


Nikos, Oakleigh

food near monash clayton


Nikos spills out into the atmospheric Eaton Mall and creates the most delicious (+ gorgeous looking) cakes and sweets. Not only are they specialists in all things sugary, but they have an extensive, good value lunch menu. With quick service and scrumptious food, it is no mystery why this place is always packed.


[icon icon=”icon-location” size=”14px”]25/27 Portman St, Oakleigh VIC 3166 | [icon icon=”icon-phone” size=”14px”] (03) 9569 6338 | [icon icon=”icon-stopwatch” size=”14px”] 7am-12am every day | [icon icon=”icon-mouse” size=”14px”] Nikos Cafe Website




Ping’s Dumplings, Clayton

food near monash clayton


Every Monashian must do a Ping’s night at least once. It is so freakin’ cheap and so freakin’ delicious. 15 pan fried dumplings for $10? Yes, I am being serious. For a cheap and cheerful Chinese meal then this Clayton Road eatery is perfect.

[icon icon=”icon-location” size=”14px”] 330 Clayton Road, Clayton | [icon icon=”icon-phone” size=”14px”] (03) 9558 8831 | [icon icon=”icon-stopwatch” size=”14px”] 11am-9:30pm every day | Take away possible


Dumpling Chen, Clayton

Basically everything I just said about Ping’s Dumplings but a few doors down the road. The perfect university student restaurant. Affordable, delicious, nearby.

[icon icon=”icon-location” size=”14px”] 326A Clayton Road, Clayton | [icon icon=”icon-phone” size=”14px”] (03) 8524 3553 | [icon icon=”icon-stopwatch” size=”14px”] 10am-10pm every day | Take away possible


Spicy Sood’s, Oakleigh

food near monash clayton


This place doesn’t look like much but it does the best Indian food, and it is basically the cheapest dinner you can have. I’m talking $5 vegetable curry and rice at lunch, takeaway 2x curries with rice for $12 at dinner… and it is actually amazingly tasty! With friendly staff and all the food make to order, Spicy Sood’s is a hidden gem near Monash.


[icon icon=”icon-location” size=”14px”] 5/1129 North Road, Oakleigh | [icon icon=”icon-phone” size=”14px”] (03) 9972 8214 | [icon icon=”icon-stopwatch” size=”14px”] 11am-10:30pm every day | Take away possible


Meat Me, Oakleigh

food near monash clayton


If you want amazing Greek food with quick service in Oakleigh’s Eaton Mall then look no further than Meat Me. This restaurant does amazing souvlakis and gyros for an affordable price. It’s everything a uni student could ever dream of.


[icon icon=”icon-location” size=”14px”] 24 Eaton Mall, Oakleigh 3166 | [icon icon=”icon-phone” size=”14px”] (03) 9568 5555 | [icon icon=”icon-stopwatch” size=”14px”] 10am-10pm every day | [icon icon=”icon-mouse” size=”14px”] Meat Me Souvlaki


YOMG, Glen Waverley

food near monash clayton


Got a craving for froyo and burgers? It’s time to hit up Yo My Goodness. Head on up to Glen Waverley for a meal you won’t regret. It’s a little on the pricey side but I can confirm that the food at YOMG is totally worth it.


[icon icon=”icon-location” size=”14px”] 65-67 Kingsway, Glen Waverley, Melbourne | [icon icon=”icon-phone” size=”14px”] (03) 9560 2288 | [icon icon=”icon-stopwatch” size=”14px”] 11am-11pm every day | [icon icon=”icon-mouse” size=”14px”] YOMG Website

Elephant Corridor, Glen Waverley

food near monash clayton


For some badass Indian and Sri Lankan cuisine then you have to try Elephant Corridor sometime. It is a bit pricey but the food is absolutely splendid. Try the kotthu roti for something delicious and different, but you really cannot go wrong with any of the meals here.


[icon icon=”icon-location” size=”14px”] 179 Coleman Pde Glen Waverley Vic 3150 | [icon icon=”icon-phone” size=”14px”] (03) 9561 8810 | [icon icon=”icon-stopwatch” size=”14px”] Lunch Wed-Sun 12-3pm, Dinner Mon-Sun 5-10:30pm | [icon icon=”icon-mouse” size=”14px”] Elephant Corridor website


What’s your favourite food near Monash Clayton?

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