How To Make Friends In Hostels In 10 Simple Steps


1. Say ‘hello’ to everyone (and mean it) 

Most people will be really interesting, and by saying hi you

will initiate this conversation. Being friendly is never a bad thing.


2. Shout food and drinks

The way to a fellow backpacker’s heart is with free food and drinks.
Even if you can only afford the cheapest packets of chips, or the

home-brand beers, it still goes a long way.


3. Have loose plans and invite people

Know what you want to see around the area and let people

know what you’re up to. If they’re interested – invite them along.


4. Don’t do things at weird times

Having showers, listening to music, turning the lights on, or unpacking/repacking

your entire backpack in the middle of the night (this does happen)

is going to annoy the other people in your dorm.


5. Don’t be too loud 

Think of others and don’t be too loud when people are sleeping. Keep

drunkenness and loud conversation to social areas, and if you need

to make noise in sleeping areas, try and minimize it.


6. Answer ‘yes’ to (almost) anything

Be up to taking part in conversation, nights out and activities.

Most of the best travel experiences are the spontaneous ones that may challenge you.


7. Set challenges to get to know people 

The challenge we set was ‘learn something interesting from every person we talk to.

This helped us to ask good questions and have great conversations with people.


8. Have things that people might need

Whether it’s gum, spare earplugs, or a lighter (even if you don’t smoke), having these

sought-after hostel items will make you friends fast – and may come in handy for yourself, too.


9. Offer to cook or have dinner with others

Cooking and eating is a great way to bond; whether you go out for dinner with fellow

hostel-members, cook a meal together, or just have a chat over the (normally grotty) hostel stovetop


10. Take part in hostel activities

Many hostels will have pub crawls, games/movie nights, or meals organised.

Take part in these and you’ll get to know people in no time!



But overall – just be yourself and remember to have fun. The more people you talk to and the more stories you hear, the greater meaning that travel has.


Lucy Owens Travel Textbook


My name’s Lucy and I’m the junior doctor and travel writer behind the blog. If you’re a fan of scratching beneath the surface of travel, visiting interesting destinations, and exploring ethically, then you’re in the right place. Focusing on purposeful budget and solo travel, Travel Textbook hopes to inspire more young people to seek meaningful adventure.


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