This is a hugely difficult thing to discuss online, so please bear with me. I feel as though it is important to be honest about these things with all of you rather than let others decide the truth on my behalf. As many of you will notice, this new website Travel Textbook has been created over the past few weeks to replace what was formerly Backpacker’s Guide To The Galaxy. There are several reasons for this change.


After an incredible 4.5 years filled with adventure, 30+ countries and launching this business together, Patrick and I have decided to part ways and pursue our own interests. Having been together since I was 16 and Patrick was 18, we have both grown and developed a heap since the start of our relationship. We realised that, despite all the incredible memories, we needed to learn to be our own people and decided that this would be better discovered separately.


It is always painfully difficult to close a chapter as significant as this. It has taken the both of us a significant amount of time to come to terms with this decision but we both know that this is for the best. There is no anger or resentment here, and we both fully intend to remain firm friends.


Backpacker’s Guide To The Galaxy was started mid-2015 by me and then after some discussion, we decided to move the direction of the blog into couple-based travel advice. Patrick jumped on board about six weeks after the launch of the site and remained a huge help since then, particularly with the management of social media. As this website has been my baby, I have decided to continue with it but to go with a new domain name, hence Travel Textbook. The decision to start again from scratch stemmed from feeling as though there was too much history with Backpacker’s. I wanted this to be a fresh, solo venture and needed to know that I had done this one with my own two hands. Patrick is hugely passionate about photography and travel, and is practicing hard to sharpen his skills. Starting his own separate site to showcase this has been discussed, but this is still undecided – so keep posted.


Starting this website again has been a lot of work, and losing all the website traffic (and a substantial number of followers as a consequence) has been a substantial blow. I would really appreciate any support to getting Travel Textbook up and running to the same level that Backpacker’s Guide was.


As for our travel plans at the end of the year… non-refundable airfares to South America have made this decision tricky to deal with. At this stage Patrick will definitely be traveling to Patagonia and pursuing the epic wilderness he loves so much. For me, I am still in limbo with this one. I still have the flights to South America but have just booked a new trip to spend a winter in Russia (with a bit of a Christmassy euro-trip on the side). So if you know anybody who wants dirt cheap flights to South America… hit me up.


Travel will still be a huge part of both of our lives and we cannot wait to share our separate adventures with all of you.


Lastly, I would like to say thank you so much to our wonderful family and friends who have supported us through this decision. You have helped the both of us so much and we are both so grateful. It has taken me a long time to be comfortable sharing this decision with others, but I felt as though now is the right time.


So please support this new beginning and enjoy the adventures we will bring to you over the coming months.


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My name’s Lucy and I’m the jetsetting student doctor and travel writer behind the blog. If you’re a fan of scratching beneath the surface of travel, visiting interesting destinations, and exploring ethically, then you’re in the right place. Focusing on purposeful budget and solo travel, Travel Textbook hopes to inspire more young people to seek meaningful adventure.



NEXT UP: Mexico City, MEX

THEN: Havana, CUBA



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  1. If I didn’t already have a trip planned for January, I would totally take you up on those tickets!!

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