Travel Packing ESSENTIALS: Things You Don’t Want To Forget

When you’re about to go on an adventure, there is always that period of “freak out mode” when you’re packing. Have I missed something? Is there more I could bring? Have I packed too much? A million questions run through your head and no matter how experienced you are, the nagging questions of packing still remain.


And although there are thousands of products out there being touted as must-haves for travel, there are definitely a few essentials. After a few years, and a few different travel styles, I have finally come up with a list of what I realised I would always pack when going away. All of these products are available through Amazon and the links have been provided so you can have a one-stop travel shop.



Lifeproof Phone Case

Things go wrong when travelling all the time. There are inevitable bumps in the road. The last thing you want to be worrying about is a cracked phone screen. LifeProof phone cases mean your phone is protected from those bumps, drops and splashes meaning you have less time worrying about your phone, and more time enjoying the holiday. The example below is for iPhone 7, but there are plenty of other LifeProof options for all phones on Amazon.



Alternative Link: Lifeproof FRE SERIES Waterproof Case



Packing Cubes

Oh my goodness. Packing cubes are an absolute lifesaver. I have always used them and they make packing an absolute breeze, as well as ensuring your bag stays neat throughout the whole trip. Especially when backpacking it is good to have everything compartmentalised. This way you can just pull out the section you need rather than rummage through your whole backpack. I normally use between 4-5 packing cubes depending on the trip; usually one big one for clothes, one for undergarments/socks, one for electronics, one for shoes, and one for miscellaneous.




Alternative Link: TravelWise Packing Cube System

Zipper Pocket Travel Scarf

Nothing excites me more than multifunction travel inventions, and the zipper pocket travel scarf does just that. They come in a variety of colours and styles. In general they are infinity scarves which come with an inbuilt zip-up pocket, the perfect place to put your valuables somewhere safe from pickpockets. It’s especially handy when your outfit doesn’t come with good pockets — as many these days don’t!

Alternative Link:  Infinity Scarves with Zipper Pocket

Document Wallet

Anyone who knows me knows how much I looooove being organised. There is something calming when you’re travelling to not have to worry about where all your documents are. Scrambling at the last minute to find boarding passes, accommodation slips, or even passports? Nope, I would rather save myself the hassle and have a document wallet. These wallets are the perfect option for storing your documents in one place, making experiences in airports, train stations, and checking into accommodation a breeze.



Alternative Link: Zoppen RFID Travel Wallet & Documents Organizer 

Universal Adaptor

If you’re travelling to a new country, chances are you’re going to need an adaptor for your much-needed electronics. I started off buying a million different adaptors and googling beforehand what the sockets looked like in each country (lol) because I didn’t realise a universal adaptor existed. What a genius idea! Using these adaptors means you don’t have to carry around tonnes of electronic gear and multiple adaptors. They even come with USB ports for charging your camera and phone. Universal adaptors are really ingenious space and hassle savers. So cool and definitely a travel must-have!



Alternative Links: 

Travel Adapter, JOOMFEEN Worldwide All in One Universal Power Converters 

LIANSING Universal All in One Worldwide Travel Adapter 



Neck Pillow

If your holiday involves a long flight, train or bus, you’ll be so thankful you have a neck pillow. Getting the inflatable ones is a good idea because they are easier to store in your luggage when you’re not using them. The non-inflatable ones come in loads of cool pattern though so that is a benefit (I’ve seen plenty of cool designs, you can even get ones looking like a shrimp). I guess anything goes when you’re trying to have fun on a long-haul.



Alternative link: Purefly Soft Velvet Inflatable Travel Neck Pillow for Airplanes with Packsack



SD Cards (big ones and backups)

These days photography plays a really huge part in the way we travel. It is important to make sure that your camera has the storage it needs to cope with the influx of happy travel snaps. It is always worthwhile getting SD cards which have enough space (I never go lower than 64GB, but it depends on your camera). Nothing is worse than your camera running out of space when there is so much left to capture. I would also recommend buying a couple of SD cards as a back up, not as big as your main one, but just to have in case. I have always used SanDisk personally and have had no problems with them.


Alternative Link: SanDisk 64GB Class 4 SDXC Flash Memory Card



Money Pouch

So this one is kind of lame (sorry) but it is actually useful, especially if you’re travelling to places which are a little more sketchy. I remember travelling as a kid and dad would always wear one of these and we made fun of him… but after travelling alone I totally get why they’re needed. Keeping your money and other valuables safe is so important and can make or break a trip. Although they are not the most stylish thing, they’re designed for under clothes so you don’t have to worry about that.

Alternative Link: Venture 4th Undercover Money Belts For Travel (Beige)



Microfibre Towel

Towels can take up a lot of space in your suitcase/backpack and often take forever to dry. The solution? Get a microfibre towel! They may not be as plush but these compact, quick-drying towels are absolutely perfect for travel.


Alternative Link: Microfiber Towels for Travel 2-pack, Ultralight and Quick Drying Towels



Eye Mask

This is an age-old invention and is still very popular for a reason. Eye masks are a lifesaver especially if you’re staying in hostels (there is always one bunk-mate who thinks it’s cool to turn the lights on in the middle of the night). Although you might get a free one on your flight, it is good to invest in a higher quality one which is more comfy and truly blocks out the light. A good night’s sleep is something you don’t want to sacrifice on a holiday — there is so much to get out and see!

Alternative Link: ALASKA BEAR® Natural silk sleep mask

What are your travel essentials? Would love if you let me know in the comments below [icon color=”#99b6ef” icon=”icon-heart2″ size=”24px”]


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Travel Packing Essentials





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