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After months of responding to “where is your next destination?” with mumbling and random plans, the time has come where I have a concrete answer. With stunning landscapes and my all-time-favourite food, it is a country I have always wanted to visit but have never managed to tie in. This nation is also the most-searched for term on Travel Textbook, so hopefully I will be able to write some articles which can be helpful to you guys.


So, which country is my next destination?




After bringing in the New Year at Falls Festival Marion Bay, I will be jetting off to Japan with my family. Having never there before, there are some loose plans in place but I would love to hear what you guys recommend! I am so excited to be spending some time with my family after hardly being able to see them this year because of placement, so it will be great to hang out together again.


So far the idea is to fly into Osaka and spend a while exploring Osaka and Kyoto. Also heading to Nara, Himeji, and Hiroshima. After that, we will going up to Tokyo via Hakone and doing *something* involving Mt. Fuji. To finalise the trip, we are hitting the slopes at Nozawa Onsen. I have never ever gone skiing or snowboarding before (and am hugely uncoordinated), so we’ll see how it goes but I imagine it’ll look like a less cute version of Bambi on ice! Nevertheless, it is really exciting and I cannot wait to try it. Who knows, maybe it’ll be my calling [icon color=”#000000″ icon=”icon-wink” size=”14px”]


Once the trip is done, the fam will stay on to see more of the country, and I’ll be jumping on the plane and heading back to fourth year placement. Fourth year is touted as the hardest year of medicine at Monash and is some big, mythical, scary thing which hangs over our heads as we go through. So with that in mind, this break will definitely be enjoyed before knuckling down!


I would love to hear from you guys about your Japan recommendations as I know many of you have visited before. You can comment here or get in touch via any social media channels or at — any advice would seriously be appreciated! [icon color=”#e52488″ icon=”icon-heart2″ size=”14px”]




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