Things To Do In Liechtenstein

Liechtenstein is a tiny country nestled in between Switzerland and Austria. Although it is small, it still packs a punch. I visited Liechtenstein from Switzerland and definitely enjoyed my time there. The capital city is Vaduz and it is surrounded by towering mountains. The city itself is famous for its castle (Vaduz Castle) which has mesmerising views over the capital. Vaduz itself only has a population of 5000 people which makes it one of the smallest capital cities in Europe.


Liechtenstein is interesting because it has some obscure fun facts – as tends to happen with small countries. For example, a very large percentage of the country’s GDP is derived from the sale of false teeth! There are plenty more wacky facts like this to be discovered here.


This is a great place to visit but there aren’t all that many things to do in Liechtenstein. I would say that it is a place that is splendid to wander around and absorb the atmosphere.

To Do In Liechtenstein




Getting to and around Liechtenstein

There are other ways to get to Liechtenstein but I will describe the way that I entered from Switzerland.


If you are travelling by public transport in Switzerland then a SwissPass will allow you entry to Liechtenstein and use of the public transportation there. Head to the Swiss town of Buchs. From Buchs you can catch a bus across the border to Schaan-Vaduz. The bus is green in colour and I caught bus 12. Schaan-Vaduz is not actually Vaduz however you can catch a bus further into the city. Catch either bus 11 or 13 for about 5-10mins.


The buses are clean and punctual.


How long should I spend there?

This really depends what you wish to do in your time here. Things like hiking and skiing will obviously require more time, but in terms of sightseeing I believe a day should be sufficient.


Things To Do In Liechtenstein

Vaduz Castle

To Do In Liechtenstein


To Do In Liechtenstein


Vaduz Castle is inhabited so unfortunately you are unable to go inside however the views of the exterior are impressive enough. From Vaduz you can see the castle perched above the city which is quite a sight! From the city centre there is a small walking trail which will take you up to the castle itself. It is about a 10-15min walk uphill and is totally worth doing.



It wasn’t quite the ski season when I visited Liechtenstein but it is certainly possible to do so! Perhaps less crowded than nearby Switzerland and Austria, Liechtenstein is a unique place to hit the slopes. Check out Ski Liechtenstein for more information.



There is ample opportunity to hike in Liechtenstein and it is gorgeous no matter what the season. Whether you hike within the valley or the peaks there is enough varied terrain to satisfy. For a list of all the hiking trails to do in Liechtenstein have a look at this page from the Liechtenstein Tourism Board.


Soaking up the views

to do in liechtenstein


There are many fantastic places to experience Liechtenstein’s magnificent vistas. The city is in a valley beneath many towering mountains so the opportunities for good views are endless. If you are walking up to Vaduz Castle there is a viewpoint from the trail which looks over the city. It is pretty spectacular and there is a picnic bench if you wish to stop for a bite to eat.



To Do In Liechtenstein


There are actually a lot of vineyards in Liechtenstein and they can be seen dotted around the place from any high point. If you want to explore this side of Liechtenstein more, book in for a winery tour. One example of a winery to visit is the Prince of Liechtenstein Winery.


Wandering around

To Do In Liechtenstein


In Vaduz and Schaan there are many lovely things to see if you just wander around. The cobblestone streets are gorgeous and the many of the buildings are painted in pastel tones. There are plenty of churches and museums to check out as well. Or you could stop at a beer garden if you please!


To Do In Liechtenstein



Have you been to Liechtenstein? Have I missed something? Comment below!

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