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Travel Blogs 2018: Most Inspirational Travel Bloggers To Follow This Year

*Drum roll please* because it is finally that time of year again. The Best Travel Blogs To Follow In 2018! Hearing how much you guys enjoyed the lists in 2016 and 2017, it was only reasonable to back it up with a ripper list for 2018. Last year saw an explosion in the number of travel blogs hitting the web. There was a lot of new talent, as well as more experienced bloggers upping their game. The level of story telling, adventure, and photography seems to keep getting better and better with every passing day. More corners of the Earth were explored and more memories shared through unique platforms.


Whether it is the mountains of Tajikistan, the food of Southern India, or observing the penguins of Antarctica, these natural-born adventurers reached places we all dream of going. In my opinion, there are certain things that make a blog really worth following intently: inspiring photography, tangible personality, and quality-over-quantity writing. I love writers that push the boundaries and who, rather than just doing travel lists, really get into the spirit of destinations. I hope the story tellers below inspire you throughout 2018 as they did for me in 2017.


In no particular order…




The Sandy Feet

Chris and Freya are a couple who met while travelling and have been documenting their incredible adventures around the world. After stumbling upon The Sandy Feet on Instagram by chance, these guys have quickly become a firm favourite. Chris and Freya’s photography is absolutely unreal. Their photos from 2017, particularly from Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan, filled me with an insatiable wanderlust. On top of the stunning photography, The Sandy Feet write about their travels beautifully in a style which combines personal stories with advice for others.


The Sandy Feet |  The Sandy Feet



Girl vs. Globe

Sabina is the absolute legend behind Girl vs. Globe, a responsible travel focused blog making waves. Her friendly personality shines through in every aspect of the photography and writing she does. 2017 saw Sabina explore wintery Christmas markets in Europe, the colours of Burano, and everything in between. Her unique combination of fashion, vegan cuisine, and responsible travel mean there is always an interesting story to share on Girl vs. Globe. In 2018, Sabina is heading to South and East Africa for five months which I am looking forward to reading about.

Girl vs. Globe |  Girl vs. Globe




 The Blog Abroad


The Blog Abroad is one of my favourite blogs to read, Gloria has a unique, fun, and powerful way with words. As well as fantastic travel photography and advice, I love reading The Blog Abroad mostly for the honesty. Gloria keeps it real. There are the articles looking at things like her Worst Travel Moments of 2017, and posts asking the pertinent question of why there is a Lack of Colour in the Travel Industry. Gloria does so much more than scratch the surface but digs deeper to discuss eye-opening topics in travel.



The Blog Abroad |  Glo Graphics






These guys will never go out of travel blog style. The biggest Australian adventure website is run by Alesha and Jarryd who have been traveling the world together since 2008. All their adventures are chronicled on NOMADasaurus, from sailing around Antarctica to exploring the Galapagos Islands. I love Alesha and Jarryd’s focus on adventure travel and sustainability — it is the perfect mix of gratifying adventure and social responsibility. Their style is captivating and real, and theirpassion for authentic travel comes through in every post.


NOMADasaurus | NOMADasaurus





Polkadot Passport

Stumbling across Nicola’s beautiful Instagram account has lead to non-stop inspiration for the rest of 2017. No joke. Nicola is a 23-year-old Aussie girl with a love for adventure who has successfully turned her writing and photography into a wanderlust-inducing lifestyle. For me, seeing what Nicola is doing is serious goals. Polkadot Passport has some of the most spectacular photography I’ve seen in the blogosphere and brings all of her adventures to life for the rest of us. The stories and advice shared here are enough to last a lifetime: glittering nights at European Christmas Markets, lavish days in Hong Kong, and calming scenery from New Zealand.


Polkadot Passport | Polkadot Passport



Find Us Lost

The layout, the photography, the stories shared… have you seen anything more beautiful than Find Us Lost? Selena and Jacob are total rising stars after only starting Find Us Lost in 2016. Their stunning photography and writing (plus the permanent sense of adventure) has seen them gain over 130K loyal followers on Instagram and launch into the travel blogging life. It all started with a gorgeous road trip through the Balkans and has since seen them trot all over the globe. Dominican Republic, Romania, Italy, Switzerland, Hawaii — so many beautiful destinations are stunningly captured and described here.


Find Us Lost | Find Us Lost


The Common Wanderer


If there is a blog I unashamedly fangirl over, it’s The Common Wanderer. Mark and Mim are the creative geniuses who perfectly combine a passion for ethical travel, stellar photography, and writing beautifully about the uniqueness of each destination they visit. Watching their growth from year to year makes me so excited to see what they have in store for 2018. Whether it’s adventures in the dunes of Namibia or the mountains of Nepal, The Common Wanderer draw out the real stories from the people and places they encounter. Do yourself a favour and follow these two in 2018, I’m sure there is brilliant stuff to come.



The Common Wanderer | The Common Wanderer




Legal Nomads




This one is a little different. Legal Nomads is one of the first travel blogs I had ever heard of — and have never looked back. Jodi is a lawyer who took a trip across Siberia which ended up being a much longer, career-forming journey. Jodi has had some incredible adventures over the years and her passion for food shines through in her adventures. 2017 was hard for Jodi with a serious health crisis leaving her unwell for so much of it. Hopefully 2018 brings healing for Jodi and we should all be following along to support as much as we can.


Legal Nomads | Legal Nomads




I Am Aileen


Aileen is one of the most inspirational travel bloggers out there. Starting at 21 years old, she left the Phillipines to pursue a life of travel, and since then she has become a hugely successful entrepreneur. She ended 2017 with one of the most beautiful trips to Antarctica and her future for 2018 looks nothing but bright. Aileen’s advice from her trip to Japan have proved unparalleled in their usefulness, and her tips for other destinations are just as helpful. I cannot wait to see what Aileen gets up to this year and the beautiful stories, advice, and photography that will inevitably come with it.


I Am Aileen | I Am Aileen 




Teacake Travels


Alice from Teacake Travels is one badass gal. Seriously badass. She tackles destinations and topics that are off the beaten path for solo female travellers, and proves that despite the challenges, travel as a solo woman is completely rewarding. Alice has a knack for honest writing, crazy adventures, and unwavering support for girls pursuing their travel dreams all over the world. If you want some *serious* solo female inspo, Alice should be your first port of call.


Teacake Travels | Teacake Travels




Travel Textbook


Oh hey, didn’t see you there 😉 It’s time for the shameless plug (sorry). If you enjoyed this article, or any others on Travel Textbook, then please consider following along. Whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or subscribing to the TT newsletter, you will be sorted for adventure. After a crazy year of placement and trips to Korea and India, 2018 looks like it’ll be a busy one. It is all kicking off in Japan and I promise it is a trip you won’t want to miss. If you love honest writing with no destination off the cards, stick around. It all goes down on Travel Textbook. Promising to share affordable travel with an educational spin, I hope to make 2018 another year of not just sightseeing and taking Instagram photos, but truly experiencing our world and the stories it has to offer.


Travel Textbook | Travel Textbook




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