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Hi there,

Thanks for checking out my little piece of the Internet! Travel Textbook is a website that aims to share experiences, tips and empower students around the world to travel. I offer practical, informative and inspiring information that allows young people to make the choice to explore the globe.


I have (so far) managed to successfully pair study, work, and travel for the past three years. And over the past 4 months I have been blogging about it on Travel Textbook. If you want to learn more about me, my lifestyle and what I stand for, then check out the About Me page. My ethos is that studying should not just be books and lectures, but should be experiencing the world as well.

If you are a company or tourism board, I would love to hear from you! There is no adventure or destination that I would not consider, so feel free to contact me. Please fill in the contact form on Contact Me or email me directly at [email protected] for enquiries or a copy of my media kit. I am really excited to start collaborating with the travel community and shaping the way that students travel. 



What Can Travel Textbook Do For You?


Travel Writing

Press and social media trips 

Reviews of accommodation, destinations, companies

Brand ambassadorships 

Paid advertising on Travel Textbook

Sponsored Instagram posts

+ I'm open to other ideas!

The Stats

20K Viewers / month Travel Textbook

7.1K Likes on Facebook

14.3K Followers on Instagram

reach of more than 198K each month

Including website views, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest statistics

Average viewer = 18-24, female from Australia

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The Ideal Brand

Travel Textbook is looking to work with brands that offer a youthful, fun and inspiring product. My readers are young, free and ready to travel the world. If your mission is to help inspire young people to travel and have new experiences then your brand is a good match for Travel Textbook. Even though this website is student-focused, a lot of my readers are not too budget-conscious so your brand does not have to be super budget to be considered.


If you think your brand is the perfect match with Travel Textbook then please get in contact. There is no experience, destination or product that I will not consider, so don't hesitate.

Get In Contact

Whether you're after more information, want a copy of my media kit, or just have questions, please feel free to get in contact! You can contact me on any social media channel, via the contact form, or directly email [email protected] 


More info on getting in contact can be found at: Contact Me.


Can't wait to hear from you!


Lucy x 

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