2017 Travel Destinations: 17 Locations To Fuel Your #Wanderlust

How is it a new year already? I’m not sure, but what I do know is it is time to book those flights to one of these 2017 travel destinations for your dream vaycay. While the new year is still motivating you to make some life changes, why not just saddle up and do it?


But instead of flying back to your favourite beach or checking into your favourite city break, 2017 may be the year to try something different. As flights get cheaper and out-there destinations get more reachable, now is the time to satisfy your #wanderlust.


In no particular order, here some of my favourite 2017 travel destinations to help you decide where to book the ticket to.


Tasmania, Australia

2017 Travel Destinations
Cradle Mountain, Tasmania – Photo by Peripitus via Wikimedia Commons


Tasmania is the rugged island that sits off the southern coast of Australia and it is breathtaking. When you think of Tasmania you should think of untouched wilderness, fresh food, and the world’s cleanest air. With fares starting from $29 from Melbourne, there really is no excuse to visit this island paradise.


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2017 travel destinations


Cigars, cars and colours; Cuba has it all! Travel to Cuba is becoming more accessible and now is the time to visit. The clocks seemed to stop on Cuba since the Cold War so it can often feel like stepping back in time (I’m talking 1950s cars, limited internet, and not many card facilities), but with a booming tourism industry and warmer relations with the United States, things are changing. The largest island in the Caribbean holds a lot of mystique and is one of the hottest 2017 travel destinations.

Scotland, United Kingdom

2017 travel destinations


“Scotland?”, I hear you say. Yep. The bagpipe-y, kilt-y, and haggis-y wonder perched at the top of the United Kingdom is having a renaissance and you’re invited. This rugged country is full of history and spectacular vistas. Whether you’re exploring the bustling city of Edinburgh, exploring St Andrews (where Wills and Kate met), or feeling completely alone in the Scottish highlands, there is plenty to experience here. Don’t let the often questionable weather dampen your enthusiasm because there is a lot to see and do here!



2017 travel destinations


Myanmar is continuing to open up to the world and it is a hot 2017 travel destination for this very reason. With just enough tourist infrastructure to make your trip comfortable, but with cheap prices and local experiences on tap, Myanmar is the perfect place to visit. Whether you’re exploring the markets of Mandalay, watching the sunrise over the 2000+ temples of Bagan, or hiking to Lake Inle, you’re in for a treat. With more and more airlines flying into Yangon and Mandalay, Myanmar is becoming an ever-accessible Asian destination.


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2017 Travel Destinations


Philippines is all the rage at the moment and with 7000 tropical islands to choose from, why wouldn’t it be? The Philippines is packed with experiences: emerald green rice terraces, islands rivalling Thailand’s Koh Phi Phi, and thriving metropolises. It is not too difficult to get to the Philippines and it is an affordable place to visit. Many have heralded the Philippines as a fantastic alternative to Thailand on a South-East Asia trip.


Borneo, Malaysia/Indonesia

2017 Travel Destinations

Think Borneo, think jungle. This island is a jungle paradise with spectacular hikes and even orangutans. The green expanses leave you feeling alone and at one with nature. And do not forget to explore the jaw-dropping Mount Kinabalu National Park for a tough but rewarding hike up Mt Kinabalu.



2017 travel destinations

I find it hard to understand people that don’t find Russia interesting. Dripping in intensely fascinating history, Russia has been a key player in the world as we know it and there is plenty to explore here. You have probably heard of the things to do in St Petersburg and Moscow, but 70% of Russia is made up of Siberia and it’s the largest country in the world, so there is plenty more to Russia. Across this country you can take the world’s longest railway (Trans-Siberian Express) or cross some of Russia’s eleven different time zones.



2017 Travel Destinations


Fan of the movie? Why not see Madagascar in real life in 2017? And yes, there are lemurs. But there is much more to Madagascar than wildlife. Madagascar has beaches, train trips, diving, rivers, national parks and the famous baobab trees.


2017 Travel Destinations


Easily one of the most spoken-about upcoming tourist destinations in southern Africa, Namibia is flat-out stunning. There are vast and incredible national parks (such as Etosha) where you can spot some of the big 5. But Namibia is most famous for the sand dunes at Sossusvlei which are vast and seemingly endless. Definitely check out a trip to Namibia, which Lonely Planet describes as ‘Africa for beginners’, if you want an awesome introduction to this continent.



Sri Lanka

2017 travel destinations


Sri Lanka blows my mind. How can one island fit so much diversity on it? Well, guess you will just have to head there and find out for yourself in 2017. From sprawling tea plantations, to beautiful winding blue trains, to beautiful surf beaches, and unique temples towns, Sri Lanka has it all. This island nation is one of the most surprising places I have ever visited and will gladly be going back in the future. P.S. don’t forget to try Kotthu — it is an all-time incredible meal.

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2017 Travel Destinations

Romania is rapidly being added to the itinerary of many European holidaymakers and it’s for a good reason. This country is full of mysterious medieval towns and the dense forests of Transylvania. Bordering the Black Sea and being the largest country in Southeastern Europe means that Romania has a variety of landscapes to enjoy. Whether you are admiring the castles of Bran or Peles, or walking around the fortress of Rasnov, Romania is a place to inspire imagination and create the trip of a lifetime. It is a perfect place to add to your 2017 travel itinerary because it is affordable but not yet overly touristed.



2017 travel destinations

Dancing until the sun rises over Buenos Aires, admiring ancient slow-moving glaciers, sampling wines in Mendoza, or seeing the rocky towers of Monte Fitz Roy dominating the skyline in Patagonia… all of these mind-blowing adventures are entirely possible in Argentina. A trip to South America is incomplete without visiting this expansive country. Visit Argentina in 2017 if you want to strike the perfect balance between nature and cityscapes, all whilst surrounded by impeccable food and soul-warming culture.



2017 Travel Destinations

Egypt is otherworldly. I find it difficult to imagine that any other country can inspire imagination quite like Egypt does because amongst the chaos of modern-day Egyptian living, there is a peacefulness the sense of history. Seeing pyramids and temples grounds a person and serves as a reminder of the impermanence of life. There is a bizarreness and sense of introspection felt when standing next to the mummified remains of a 3,500 year old king or wandering into pyramids and tombs of once-all-powerful beings. 2017 is a good time to visit Egypt because tourist numbers are still relatively low but there is a wealth of experiences to be enjoyed. Sunsets along the Nile, camel rides by the Great Pyramids of Giza, or eating ful medames on the bustling streets of Cairo… all is possible here.



2017 Travel Destinations

Iran is massive and full of colour. Recently becoming more open to tourists, Iran is a life-changing 2017 travel destination. Iran has seen many changes throughout its recent history and there is a lot to learn here. This expansive country has ancient cities, tiled mosques in an array of colours, and bustling bazaars, so there is no shortage of things to do. It is also possible to tie Iran in during a trip along the Silk Road (one of my most-desired trips).



2017 Travel Destinations

Where do I even begin? Morocco will awaken all of your senses with colour, liveliness and spice. Busy cities such as Casablanca and Marrakech will make you feel alive as you barter, eat street food and gawk at all the colourful wares. The Atlas Mountains are a beautiful range offering hiking trails, small mud-brick towns, and beautiful vistas. A trip out to the desert will give you a sense of perspective as you stand around the dunes of the mighty Sahara Desert and admire the splattering of stars above. Places like the blue city of Chefchaoeun will feel surreal but will take your breath away all the same. Flights to Morocco are cheap from Europe and it is not a long journey. With plenty of tourist facilities but the ability to escape it all, Morocco is a perfect 2017 travel destination for most travellers.


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2017 Travel Destinations

Canada was named as Lonely Planet’s Top Destination In 2017 and I just cannot argue with that. The second largest country in the world has immense travel possibilities to explore. Canada’s national parks have towering mountains, world class skiing and opulent blue lakes. Not only does it have impressive natural beauty but Canada also has some great cities to wander around. On the west there is the idyllic city of Vancouver, and further east you can see places such as Toronto and Montréal. Definitely consider Canada as your 2017 travel destination if you want a safe, scenic and spellbinding adventure.



2017 travel destinations

And last but not least there’s Colombia. Colombia has a lot to offer tourists in 2017 who are considering a trip to South America. There may not be the striking attractions to visit as there are in surrounding South American nations, but Colombia has colonial charm and beauty of its own. The colourful pastel streets of Cartagena transport your mind to another era. Trekking in the stunning national park regions is also a well-loved Colombian experience, or if deserts take your fancy, this is also available to explore. Stretches of coastline make Colombia a relaxing beach destination too, with a handful of partying involved too (of course). As security continually increases in Colombia, visiting here is now more accessible.

Where would you recommend visiting in 2017? Comment below.

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My name’s Lucy and I’m the junior doctor and travel writer behind the blog. If you’re a fan of scratching beneath the surface of travel, visiting interesting destinations, and exploring ethically, then you’re in the right place. Focusing on purposeful budget and solo travel, Travel Textbook hopes to inspire more young people to seek meaningful adventure.


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27 thoughts on “2017 Travel Destinations: 17 Locations To Fuel Your #Wanderlust”

  1. Hi Lucy,

    I like and appreciate your list — will you be visiting these countries this year?

    On my bucket list for 2017 is definitely Iran. As one of the cradles of humankind, a land of such mysticism and poetry, I hope to wander around the place and catch a glimpse of its people.

    Cuba is also an equally attractive destination.

    Myanmar is not one that immediately jumps to me when I think of travel, but certainly a destination that, as you said, is opening up to the traveling world. Beside its temples and lovely views, I believe its people are getting more and more comfortable with the presence of migrants — so it would make for a great experience!

    Keep well!

  2. Perfect list. I have been to a lot of them but Tasmania, Cuba, Madagascar and Namibia are all so high on my list! Also Argentina is on the cards for this year. The pictures are beautiful! I was in Iran 2 years ago and I can highly recommend it. It was one of the most amazing places I have ever been!

  3. Amazing pictures and a great guide. We loved our time in Scotland exploring Edinburgh and Isle of Skye. There are so many castles to see and so many stories to hear. We plan to visit Canada this year, hope we get to visit Banf National Park. We were planning to go to Madagascar but dropped the plan owing to the yellow fever vaccinations.

  4. Love some of the countries on this list – my first proper backpacking trip involved going to Morocco and Egypt back to back so have fond memories of those. And I went to the Philippines last year and loved it too 🙂

  5. I was so glad to see Tasmania in this list. I visited a few years ago and I fell in love with all of Tasmania. My favourite being the 11km hike around Wine Glass beach. I am hoping to go to Sri Lanka, Scotland and Phillippines this year.

  6. Great list… Myanmar s very near from my hometown but strangely that route is developing only now. Sri Lanka is also a neighboring country that has veen eluding me. Also, I’d love to visit Columbia, the home of Gabriel Garcia Marquez!

  7. No doubt these are some of the amazing destination which should be any travel fanatics bucket list. Morocco. Unfortunately, we have done neither of these except Scotland and Egypt and Srilanka is high on the list. Scotland is beautiful and definitely worth a revisit.

  8. These are all excellent travel destinations. I’ve been to a few and as a Canadian I can vouch for how beautiful the scenery is in Canada. Pacific Rim Nation Park on Vancouver Island is incredible.Russia has us beat in terms of size. I can’t believe Russia has 11 time zones.

  9. Such beautiful destinations. Excellent for nature lovers. I am still making my own list of destinations that I would like to visit in 2017. I will pick some from here

  10. Such an insanely tempting list and with such gorgeous pictures! If I was to pick one, I would pick Cuba – been dreaming of going there; and, of course, Iran 🙂

  11. What a wonderful travel bucket list of 2017, anyway I have been in 4 countries of 10 and my 2 of them are in my bucket list for this year: Namibia and Sri Lanka! I hope to visit at least one of them! Thanks for sharing it, 😀

  12. So many of these places are on our bucket list, but unfortunately none for this year. Will you be visiting all these places this year? Our big trip for 2017 is going to South Africa for a safari trip and Zambia to see Victoria Falls 🙂

  13. Hi, you have taken me on a virtual tour! And for the first time, I am seeing Myanmar in this list. In fact, two of our neighbours, Sri Lanka and Myanmar figure in this list. What made you leave out India? ;)) Of course, I am joking. Great photographs, keep it up.

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