Free Things In London: 10 Incredible Things To Do

Free is our favourite word, especially when it comes to our favourite city. London is hands-down one of the coolest places in the world but it can be really expensive to travel in. They say that ‘the best things in life are free’, and in London that is kind of true. The free things in London are some of the city’s best, so don’t miss out because you thought you were going to have to fork out.

Natural History Museum

Free Things In London

(Photo from Paul Hudson via Flickr)

This museum is so incredible it feels like you are a part of a movie, the other part that feels like a dream is the fact that it is completely free. We loved wandering around this museum and seeing awesome specimens from around the world. Even if museum’s aren’t your thing, we’re sure you’ll find something of interest here. Be immersed in Dawin’s findings or admire the architecture of main hall, the Natural History Museum is definitely a day well spent.


TATE Modern

Free Things In London

(Photo from David D’Amico via Flickr)

Don’t confuse Rothko for Picasso, come and check out the TATE Modern and get your art knowledge in check. With one of the most impressive collections in the world, this gallery is one you cannot miss! Also don’t miss the amazing views from the upper floors of the building overlooking St Paul’s Cathedral, and make sure to walk over Millennium bridge on your walk over. All the other TATE museums are free too!


Trafalgar Square

free things in London

(Photo from Christian Reimer via Flickr)

One of the most photographed places in the world, you should visit Trafalgar Square on your trip to London! See the huge lion statues or Nelson’s column, and stop at the many nearby galleries. Big Ben is visible from Trafalgar Square so it is a pretty incredible scene.


Big Ben

Free Things In London

(Photo from Manish Prabhune via Flickr)

Big Ben is probably the most iconic attraction in London and it can be seen from a variety of cool locations. It’s completely free to sit along the bank of the Thames or on one of the bridges and observe the clock ticking or the hundreds of tourists cramming for a photo.


Hyde Park

Free Things In London

(Photo from S Pakharin via Flickr)

Hyde Park is fabulous in any season and a stroll through the expansive greenery won’t set you back any cash. Hyde Park contains lovely meandering paths, monuments, rivers, fountains, millions of squirrels and even Kensington Palace. Originally Henry VIII’s hunting grounds, Hyde Park is massive and a perfect walk between the various attractions at either end. In one corner of the park we watched the Queen’s Cavalry train every morning.


Changing Of The Guard

Free Things In London

(Photo from Hernan Pinero via Flickr)

You can watch the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace for free. It will be crazily crowded but it is an incredible experience to witness.


Camden Markets

Camden Market

(Photo from Sam Chills via Flickr)

As long as you don’t buy anything, a trip to the Camden Markets is totally free. There are incredible trinkets, food and interesting characters for you to experience in Camden. It is a really cool area of London, so settle down and explore!


Speaker’s Corner

Free Things In London

(Photo from Scarriot via Flickr)

In a corner of Hyde Park close to Marble Arch there is Speaker’s Corner, a historical place where people speak and others listen. Check it out because there are some interesting people sharing opinions here and this age-old tradition should not be forgotten. Maybe have a look at Speaker’s Corner after a trip down Oxford Street.


Piccadilly Circus

Free Things In London

(Photo from Moyan Brenn via Flickr)

Head to Piccadilly Circus to see the beautiful architecture, the insanely bright lights of advertising and a whole lot of people watching.


Many Weird and Wonderful Museums

Free Things In London

(Photo from JD via Flickr)

Imperial War, Maritime, Anasthesia, Bank of England… whatever floats your boat, there are free museums and galleries for your all of your interests. Whether you want to stare at 13th century portraits of Anne Boleyn in the National Portrait Gallery or look at fighter jets at the Imperial War Museum, there is plenty of historical and modern content to keep you cultured and occupied.



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