Exploring Klontalersee: A Hidden Beauty

Klontalersee is one of the most beautiful places that I have seen in Switzerland. Despite going on a cold wintery day, it was breathtaking! Before this hike I had not seen any mountains in Switzerland (thanks to thick fog), so coming to Klontalersee gave me my dose.



The Hike to Klontalersee

I would recommend doing the hike rather than driving or taking the bus because it is stunning. Plus, hard work always makes the view seem sweeter! The walk starts from the town of Glarus which is about one hour by train from Zürich.


From Glarus there are several tracks to get up to Klontalersee and all take around 3 hours return. One is the official track which meanders through the hills and has spectacular views. The second is a walking trail which follows along the road and is a pretty gentle walk. The third option is to walk up the road itself.


All the tracks merge together at different points so you can always change your mind! Because it was fairly dark when I did the walk I took the trail that followed alongside the road. It was easy and the scenery changed between fields, trails and road.


If walking is not your jam, you can drive up or catch the bus from Glarus (however, as I discovered, these buses don’t run for about 4 months of the year).


Time: around 3 hours return

What to wear: season dependent, good shoes

Difficulty: easy but uphill



Photo Gallery

If words weren’t enough, here are some photos to convince you to visit!



The walk starts from the lovely town of Glarus 



As you walk through the outskirts of Glarus, the epic scenery starts to reveal itself



Throughout the walk there are mountains in absolutely every direction



The trail varies between fields, trails and road


The light plays with the mountains throughout the day



Frosty trees lined the peaks when I visited – it was like a winter wonderland



The lake is stunning as mountains plunge into the still water (plus there was nobody else around to enjoy the view – score!)



Photos do not give a proper sense of how tall these mountains truly are!


What is your favourite hike in Europe? Comment below.


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