Oxford Photo Diary: An Ancient University In Pictures

During my time on a medical elective in London, I had a couple of weekends to explore other parts of the United Kingdom. The UK has some stunning historical towns and cities to visit, and picturesque Oxford is undoubtedly one of the most breathtaking. Home of the ancient University of Oxford, the amount of history that has unfolded and important figures who have walked the halls is difficult to comprehend.


Luckily, two wonderful friends from university are studying there this year and invited me up to see around the town. I couldn’t say ‘yes’ quick enough. What ensued was a perfect day exploring Oxford’s famous colleges, enjoying coffees in the oldest coffee house in the UK, and visiting museums. It also (very luckily) happened to be the first beautiful day of the springtime. With clear blue skies, temperatures above 20ºC, and the Oxford magnolias blooming, it seemed like miracle English weather for March. The warmth brought the town to life with punters, people strolling through the spectacular gardens, and a plethora of cyclists darting to their destinations. The honey-coloured stone of Oxford and its colleges is famous the world over, and in the early spring sunshine, it exuded warmth.


Without any additional rambling, it’s time for some photos from the beautiful day, from the Bodleian Library to Trinity College and everywhere in between.


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