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Salzburg is like being in an incredibly expensive fairytale. The beautiful mountain surrounds, stunning architecture and enviable lifestyle make it a lovely place to explore, but prepare to feel very poor. With limited backpacker accommodation options and very pricey necessities, a couple of days here is enough to suffice. I spent four days here during my European gap year, and below is some of the advice I would pass on to help other travellers afford a Salzburg trip.



View of Salzburg from a nearby hill


Where To Stay

Salzburg is an incredibly expensive place to travel and it’s not really set up for the backpacker community. It is quite difficult to find accommodation options within the city and try to maintain your travel at under $50 a day.


We stayed at MEININGER hostel which had good, clean facilities and was cheap enough. However, it had a limited atmosphere and was still a brisk 25 minute walk from the city centre.



What To Do

Hiking and Walking

  • Just wandering around the town will allow you to soak in the atmosphere, particularly around Steingasse on the Right Bank. This is free and is a great way to get to know Salzburg without spending a tonne.
  • There are loads of beautiful hiking trails around Salzburg which don’t cost anything, and you can access a lot of them by foot or bus from the city centre. We walked up Gaisberg Mountain and got spectacular views of the city and surrounding alps.



  • Check out the farmers market on Thursday which is opposite Mirabell Palace.



  • Salzburg is the home of Mozart so seeing a classical concert is a must! If you can afford tickets it really is the perfect place to indulge in some music.
  • Also the home of the Sound of Music so there are plenty of related activities and tours to do.


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The nearby hills and mountains are gorgeous to explore


What To Eat

Cooking your own food here is highly recommended, as prices are really steep. There are a few cheaper restaurants on the outskirts of town, and most restaurants will have their specials at lunch time.


Most of the supermarkets and bakeries will have a good selection of bread, sandwiches and local delicacies that aren’t too badly priced.


Been to Salzburg or have any questions? Comment below!

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