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In some ways this year has gone incredibly quickly, and in other ways, it has been long stretches of placement with no end in sight. With final med school exams looming ominously overhead, locking in holiday plans has provided something to look forward to. This summer I want to mix all the good things in life: friends and family, road trips, mountains, hiking, and beaches.


How will it all tie together? Well, here you go.





Leaving the day after the final exam (can you tell I’m excited for them to be over?), Fraser and I are hopping on a plane. Direction: the soft white sand of Philippine beaches. Agenda: relaxation and detoxification.

It will be our first trip abroad in 2 years so, as you can probably guess, I’m bursting at the seams with keenness. I’m sure the first thought that comes to your mind when you think of us isn’t “oh yeah those guys look like they live at the beach”… And to be perfectly honest, you wouldn’t be wrong (Tasmanian water is freezing). But we’re on a mission to embrace the sunshine and sea salt, and make our much-awaited beach bum debut.


The itinerary is not set in stone but we have a flight in and a flight out booked which leaves us two weeks to explore. We want to see the island highlights and also some off-the-beaten track beachside destinations to truly unwind. At the moment we’re thinking something along the lines of Cebu, Bohol, El Nido, Coron, and Port Barton. But we’ll take anywhere with the lapping turquoise water loud enough to drown out the post-exam tears.


Just look at that. 





November – December

No sooner are we off the plane home from the Philippines and we’re onto the next plane to New Zealand. No, seriously, we are going from one plane to the next with half a day at home. The mountains are calling and we’re happy to answer, even if it means being sleep deprived.


With a hire car lined up and hiking boots begging to be used, we’re planning on driving around the South Island and hiking our lil hearts out. The goal: nature overload. And thanks to Tourism New Zealand we’ll be having some cool experiences on the side as well which we can’t wait to share with you!


At the moment we’re looking at exploring Queenstown, Milford Sound, Wanaka, and Mt Cook National Park definitely, and there are some other areas which aren’t 100% locked in yet.






We’ll be home in Australia for Christmas and exploring some more of Tasmania and Victoria through road trips and camping. January is still an unknown and depends on hospital placements for next year and if we have to do adult things like move house. But who knows, if everything miraculously works out, maybe January will be the time for country 60?


Next year will (in theory) be my last year of med school, so it’ll be back to full time placement come February. However, we get a medical elective rotation in March-April of 2019 and the plan is to try and get a placement doing obstetrics abroad. Things are lining up but I can’t confirm anything yet — so keep your eyes peeled!



These 2018 Summer Plans are making me very happy and this enthusiasm will no doubt spill out into Travel Textbook. Hopefully you’re ready to come along for the adventure and see the Philippines and New Zealand with us!


I would love to know if you have specific questions about either of these destinations that you would like us to answer/investigate when we’re there! Or, if you’ve been before, any advice and recommendations would go down a treat.


We absolutely love your support and can’t wait to get out adventuring together again.


Lucy x



Lucy Owens Travel Textbook


My name’s Lucy and I’m the junior doctor and travel writer behind the blog. If you’re a fan of scratching beneath the surface of travel, visiting interesting destinations, and exploring ethically, then you’re in the right place. Focusing on purposeful budget and solo travel, Travel Textbook hopes to inspire more young people to seek meaningful adventure.


NEXT UP: Melbourne




3 thoughts on “2018 Summer Plans Are Here – Travel Textbook Summer Adventures”

  1. Hi Lucy,
    I’m really interested to hear more about how you decided on the locations both within the country and for the Phillipines itself, I wanted to go but after reading about safety concerns and checking out smarttraveller’s recommendations I wasn’t so sure anymore! Could you share more information about your decision making process? I still really want to go so any information is appreciated!

  2. Those are really exciting plans!
    I wished I had enough time to meet these wonderful places, especially Phillipines!
    I’m looking forward to your upcoming posts, so I can at least read how it would be there!

  3. I wished and thinking i have such amazing plans just like you but not get any ideas. But now i have bunch of so good and intresting ideas and i am definitely make some good journey out of it. Thanks a lot for sharing it. Keep it up going.

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